March Guest: Natural Gas Jazz Band

Next Event: March 19, 2017

Our March guest band has performed for the MTJS many times. The San Francisco based Natural Gas Jazz Band has been delighting its audiences since 1970. This surprising longevity of 41 years is the result of a singularly stable band lineup, a musical book of broad appeal, and gifted musicians who enjoy creating jazz together.

The NGJB is strongly imprinted with the influences of its late San Francisco friends, jazz legends Lu Watters and Turk Murphy. Former Murphy and Watters sidemen have been longtime NGJB players as well as frequent substitutes. Its book is also rich with the music of Jelly Roll Morton, Bix Beiderbecke, Fats Waller, and others.

With the GAS since the early ’70s are cornetist Phil Crumley (retired periodontist), drummer Warren Perry (lawyer), and soprano saxophonist Bob Murphy (music student, teacher, and performer). Trombonist Bill Carson (retired physician) has brought his many years of experience with the popular Professor Plum’s Jazz into the Gassers’ organization. Pianist Rich Owens (hazardous materials professional) brought his high-energy improvisations to the group and has created some outstanding musical inter-actions in the ensemble. Banjoist Carl Lunsford, formerly with the Turk Murphy Jazz Band and tuba player Jim Brennan, with many years experience with many bands, round out the personnel.

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