July Guest Band: B-Sharp and The Axxidentals

Next Event: July 16, 2017

Join us on July 16 for B-Sharp and The Axxidentals.

It’s no accident that the AXXIDENTALS is comprised of an extremely experienced group of musicians who know how to lay down a beat that speaks to the ears and travels to the feet of those who are fortunate enough to be in the audience. Individually the musicians have each played thousands of songs, for thousands of hours, resulting in a sum total of millions of hours of music having been provided to, yes, millions of people. It is imperative that you come and listen to a few of those songs and spend but a few of those hours listening to the mighty fine presentations of the songs you love, played by this never dull, and never lackluster group. They are instead, quite sharp.


Bill Sharp Trumpet, vocals (Leader)
Brian Richardson, Trombone, vocals
Robert Alfaro,Reeds
Bill Lowrey, Banjo
Burt Robinson, Bass
Andy Parker, Drums

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